Electric Patient Lifter

Electric Patient Lifter

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  • Category : PATIENT LIFTERS
  • Model : P440
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Product Info

  • Deluxe patient lifter with powder coated carbon steel constructed frame
  • Standard low-profile base (115mm clearance) with twin 76mm casters in front and 102mm locking casters in rear
  • New foot propel design opens and closes base legs with more ease, eliminates annoying adjustment handle bar
  • Compact power pack allows, attendant to be close to patient during transfer
  • Accommodates standing or transfer sling
  • Multi-function slings allow quick attachment to left, toileting, stand assist or full-support seated transfer
  • Available with full electric power base or manual foot pedal base
  • Weight limit:175kgs
  • We have complete designing & engineering team and can make your OEM products according to your specifications